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Meet The Holifields

Jul 27, 2017

Welcome to episode 14!

We are 9 weeks away until baby girl is born and are we ready for her? We both still don't feel like we aren't. But Chris is slowly finding out that no parent ever feels ready. 

On this episode Krissie wants to delve into the world of eating the placenta. What are the pros and cons of eating the...

Jul 20, 2017

Eric Tomorrow from the Mediocre Show calls and gives Chris advice about visiting doctors. We talk a little more about Vasectomies and Testosterone Cream.

IUD horror stories: Krissie had a bad experience with the Merina IUD. Krissie also learned about Ablation & Partial Hysterectomies.

A girl got pregnant from a knife...

Jul 13, 2017

We discuss what to do when you're done making babies. Tubal Ligation or Vasectomy? Birth control pills, IUD options and so many more things are out there.

Krissie also learns about the book "Turmoil in the Toybox" and is on a mission to learn more.

Shit that didn't exist the last time I had a baby, and if it did, I...

Jul 6, 2017

More Soon to be a Dad Survival Tips! In this episode, we finish the second half of listener Nick's Soon to be Dad's Guide to Surviving Pregnancy and we discuss the nitty gritty of giving birth.

Shit that didn't exist the last time I had a baby and if it did, I wouldn't buy it because it's stupid: The Baby Mop! Use your...