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Meet The Holifields

Jan 26, 2018

Welcome to episode 37 of Mom and the New Dad. On this episode Chris & Krissie talk about some of the wins for the week with the kids and the struggles the come along with being a step parent. We also talk about what the keto diet has been like for the past week.

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Jan 19, 2018

On this episode of Mom and The New Dad Chris & Krissie go on the keto diet. It seems like everyone puts on weight when they get married and have kids and it's been no different for Chris & Krissie. They share why they chose the keto diet, they share their fears, and they share concerns.

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Jan 12, 2018

We decided to record this episode at home instead of the office and we only got interrupted a few times! Chris and Krissie share their thoughts about not getting enough sleep, using another woman's breastmilk, the wonder weeks app, people that take their baby everywhere with them, and how hard it can be to pump at work.

Jan 4, 2018

Welcome to episode 34 of Mom and the New Dad podcast. On this episode we talk about the holidays and New Years Resolutions.

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