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Meet The Holifields

Apr 12, 2019

Krissies 2nd maternity leave
lucy doesn’t want to come back inside
lucy needs some little friends
Chris got rejected to speak at Podcast Movement
Krissie got some new tattoo work
Fights with coworkers
Lucy’s first easter egg hunt
The 15 year old has a friend missing

Mar 18, 2019

We talk about our recent trip to Orlando for PodFest!

Nov 27, 2018

We find out what life was like for Chris as a single dad for a week while Kristina was in Boston. Kristina is getting a tattoo and Chris' birthday is coming up!

Nov 7, 2018

Krissie changes her name to Kristina.
We have a new podcast studio.
Sleep regression means Kristina can’t get sleep.
Lucy isn’t walking yet.
Lucy loves waving.
Lucy has a personality. 
Lucy got an ear infection.
How do you find a babysitter?
Kristina still loves our apartment. 
Chris’ car gets backed into.

Sep 25, 2018

Recording in our new apartment. 
Where did this year go?
Lucy turned a year old.
Being a stay at home dad is hard.
Going into fall & winter.
Krissie locked Chris out of Mountain West Hard Cider.
We’re in couples therapy.